Controlling the Ladder with TPS

Controlling the Ladder with TPS

Hello! Today I’d like to show everyone the deck I’ve been working on when I haven’t been grinding out Combrei mirrors. I went from Gold 1 (0 Points) to Master Rank 3 last night in 5 hours on stream. This deck is something Calimdir and Tatavath have both worked on in the recent past, so much credit goes to them. So – The list!

The Current Decklist

 2 Dark Return (Set1 #250)
 4 Seek Power (Set1 #408)
 2 Annihilate (Set1 #269)
 3 Lightning Storm (Set1 #206)
 4 Vara's Favor (Set0 #35)
 4 Ayan, the Abductor (Set2 #204)
 3 Banish (Set2 #207)
 4 Feln Bloodcaster (Set1 #386)
 4 Wisdom of the Elders (Set1 #218)
 3 Deathstrike (Set1 #290)
 3 Steward of the Past (Set1 #287)
 3 Withering Witch (Set1 #368)
 4 Black-Sky Harbinger (Set1 #385)
 4 Mystic Ascendant (Set1 #116)
 2 Thunderstrike Dragon (Set1 #243)
 1 Azindel's Gift (Set1 #306)
 2 Time Sigil (Set1 #63)
 5 Primal Sigil (Set1 #187)
 6 Shadow Sigil (Set1 #249)
 4 Seat of Wisdom (Set0 #63)
 4 Seat of Cunning (Set0 #62)
 4 Seat of Mystery (Set0 #61)

Deck Breakdown

At the end of my stream last night I went over my various decisions in building this deck, and justifications on why I thought time was worth the splash into the classic Feln shell.

Bonus Awesome Game

One thought on “Controlling the Ladder with TPS

  1. Hi,

    Decided that just sitting on 70k dust does nothing by itself, crafted the missing 4x Ayan and gave this deck some tries.
    I must say it surprised me in a very positive way. I usually prefer control decks, and this has a similar feel to Felnscar (but its better in my opinion).
    Ayan comes more as a 3 mana removal spell that gains you some life on occasion, the ultimate isn’t something to write home about, however, sometimes it comes in handy.
    In some future variant of the deck I think that Vara as a one off wouldn’t be too bad, would require some testing tho.

    Anyways, keep up the good work and best regards 😉

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