SkeeJay’s Guide to Destroying Cards

SkeeJay’s Guide to Destroying Cards


If I had a nickel for every time somebody came into my stream and asked “is there a list of rares and Legendaries that are safe to grind into Shiftstone?” then I’d have about $1.50 in nickels. Often, my response is something along the lines of “well, there isn’t an official guide. I should probably get working on one, I’ll start that this weekend.”

4 months later, “this weekend” has finally come! The following is a list of Rares and Legendaries that I believe are safe to grind into Shiftstone. However, before I begin, there are a few notes about my philosophy on “dusting.”

  • I don’t believe it’s ever correct to start dusting your commons and uncommons. The return is just too low to justify clicking three times just to get one or ten Shiftstone. Eventually, the “Destroy All” button will do that work for you!
  • When I first started playing, I destroyed ALL of my premium cards. Commons, Legendaries, and everything in between got put in the grinder (as long as I had a playset of regulars, of course.) While I do recommend doing the same for Legendaries (destroying a premium Legendary will get you enough stone to craft any Legendary of your choice,) I really wish I had saved all of those commons and uncommons. However, if you know for sure that you’ll never care much for premiums, then go right ahead and collect that Shiftstone!

This list is divided into four groups. Rares from The Empty Throne, Legendaries from The Empty Throne, Rares from Omens of the Past, and Legendaries from Omens of the Past.

Rares that are safe to disenchant (Empty Throne)

Trail Stories

Song of War

Steelbound Dragon

Reliquary Raider

Hall of Lost Kings

Champion of Progress

Copperhall Blessing

Silverwing Commander

Deranged Dinomancer

Hatchery Hunter

Ashara, the Deadshot

Explorer Emeritus

Spell Swipe


Legendaries that are safe to disenchant (Empty Throne)

Light the Fuse

Claw of the First Dragon

Idol of Destran

Ancient Terrazon

Jarrall Iceheart

The Last Word (If you have more than 2. You’ll never need 3 or 4)

Call the Ancients

Feln Cauldron


Rares that are safe to disenchant (Omens of the Past)

Stonescar Excavator

Library Phoenix

Pouncing Drake

Shard of the Spire

Maelstrom Bell

Mating Call

Master’s Lesson

Champion of Vengeance

Calderan Cradle



Legendaries that are safe to disenchant (Omens of the Past)

Bad News

Wandering Wisp

Sentinel’s Might

Mind Link

Spirit of Resistance


Now, some cards that may or may not be on this list may come as a surprise to a lot of people. For instance, where is Moment of Creation? I was careful not to include cards that I believe can or will become competitive in the future. Basically, this is a list of cards that are both 1) not currently good enough and 2) likely won’t ever be good enough to be competitive. If playing fun decks is your jam and you aren’t worried about building that next Tier 1 deck, then you might want to save some of these cards, such as Stonescar Excavator or Mind Link.

If any of these cards end up seeing serious play at the highest levels, I’d personally be very shocked. Most of these cards already have better options to play in their slots (For instance, it’s generally better to play Channel the Tempest over Decimate anyway,) or traditionally just don’t do enough to ever justify their slot in a deck (Like Shard of the Spire costing 4, so you can’t play it until after you play the best hits anway.)

My next project will be about the cards you should prioritize crafting with all of this new Shiftstone you got from destroying all of these cards! Until that time, you can follow me on Twitch at and I’d love to hear from you there!


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