Team SPG Announcements And Roster Changes

Team SPG Announcements And Roster Changes

Things have been changing here at team SPG! Over the past two seasons, we’ve gained several new members to strengthen our roster. Today, we’re here to formally introduce them.


Vincenzo “SooNo”
SooNo first played for SPG in the first season of 2018’s ETS team league as a last-minute addition to fill out the roster. His contributions in that team league earned him a spot on the official roster and since then he has had his own accomplishments including a first and second place finish in ETS weekly events. He is well known in the team for excellent deck tuning and inspired sideboard choices.

BruisedByGod has established himself as one of the most prolific deck builders in Eternal, regularly Top 8’ing ETS’s and hitting high ranks on ladder with his own creations. He resides in the Northwest U.S.


Sergey “Serb” B.

SerB joins SPG from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. He has attained Top 8 in several ETS’s Weeklies as well as Rank 1 in both Ranked and Draft. Outside of Eternal, he is a proud father of two and is a published poet.

Christopher Scott “SecondBlue” Jones represents SPG from Bristol, England. He is currently tied for 2nd in 2018 for ETS Series Points. SecondBlue made his claim to fame with several Top 8’s using his favorite deck, Grenadins. Outside of Eternal, Christopher is an aspiring mathematician. He enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend, who always supports him when he is playing in the ETS.

“Ivo” Trumpets joined SPG in March. Hailing from Macedonia, he made a name for himself by placing Top 8 several times with his favorite deck, Icaria Blue. Ivo loves jazz music.

In addition to our new members, two veteran members have taken on leadership positions: Paradox and TonyGeeeee. In addition to making team decisions, they can be reached for questions about Team SPG and inquiries during our times of recruitment. Our Team Roster page will reflect these changes in the near future.


Here at SPG, we’ve created content in a few main ways: streaming, the tier list, and strategy articles. Tier lists have been difficult to make for two reasons: the constantly changing nature of the metagame since the release of Dusk Road (especially given the amount of balance patches) and our method of being very democratic in order to best represent the opinions of our players. We intend to keep up our tier list as we enter the new Set 4 metagame, though we are considering changes in our methods in order to better produce tier lists. We also have a handful of other content ideas planned for the near future, including more articles and videos. Be sure to check out our regular streamers TheSkeeJay, ChildRoland, and TonyGeeeee. You can also catch Calimdir and TheSkeeJay casting the Eternal Tournament Series on Saturdays.

Closing Comments and… Spoilers?

We look forward to bringing more great content during Set 4 and beyond in Eternal. Speaking of Set 4, perhaps we’ll have a spoiler to show in the near future? Stay tuned!

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