About Us

About Us

Team Seek Power Gaming started with the Weekly Influence Podcast hosted by HiThar, Trippedoutfish, and Drolicheck. From there, the three of them decided to form a competitive team. With several of the highest ranking players in both ladder and the ETS Tournament series, Team SPG strives to be one of the premier teams in Eternal.

The Admins:

Alex “HiThar” Pavelka

Seaside CA USA

Alex “HiThar” Pavelka is a co-host of Weekly Influence Podcast and team leader of Seek Power Gaming. Having played since the beginning of open beta, HiThar is an Eternal veteran who is currently ranked 6th on the ETS Worldwide rankings. He debuted his Eternal tournament career in the EoWC in December 2016 where he made 3rd place. Since then, he has continued to dominate the tournament scene, earning Top 8 in the Season 3 Invitational, Season 5 Invitational, and the Midseason Major. He is best known for playing Big Combrei in the ETS. Outside of Eternal, HiThar has spent many years playing in various other TCGs and CCGs competitively. In Magic: The Gathering, he has placed 65th at Grand Prix: Portland 2016 and 11th in an RPTQ.


Doug “Trippedoutfish” Alexander

Seaside CA USA

Doug “Trippedoutfish” Alexander is the second co-host of the Weekly Influence Podcast and main administrator for Seek Power Gaming. Doug does much of the behind the scenes work for Team Seek Power Gaming, such as creating and managing the website to managing the Discord server. Doug has hit master himself before but prefers to play the game more casually.

Dylan “Drolicheck” Rolicheck

Seaside CA USA

Dylan “Drolicheck” Rolicheck is the third co-host of Weekly Influence and a team member of SPG. Drolicheck started his card game career in Hearthstone before being introduced to Magic: The Gathering by HiThar. He fell in love with the game and its complexity and quickly jumped into the competitive scene, where he won several local tournaments and earned Top 8 in multiple PPTQ’s. He joined Eternal shortly after closed beta ended and is looking to play more competitively in tournaments, being held back by his love of janky decks. Some of his favorite of all time to play include Patron Warrior from Hearthstone, Mardu Green and 5C Bring To Light from Magic: The Gathering, and Icaria Blue from Eternal.


The Team:

Taylor “KampfKrote” Eichelkraut

Madison, WI, USA

Taylor “KampfKrote” Eichelkraut is currently ranked 3rd on the ETS Worldwide Rankings. Taylor is best known as one of the most accomplished burn players in Eternal. His major Eternal accomplishments include placing 2nd in the Season 1 Invitational, Top 4 in the Season 2 Invitational, and 1st in the high-stakes Midseason Major. He is notorious for needing to take long breaks from the game only to place very high in tournaments upon his return.

“I enjoy the finer things in life. Like playing Bandit Queen on turn 4.” – KampfKrote 2017

Reed “IReedMinds” 

IReedMinds is a competitive Eternal player known for his love of ramp decks like Big Combrei. Currently sitting at 12th on the ETS Worldwide Rankings list, Reed established himself as a major player by winning the Season Two Invitational. Outside of Eternal, Reed is a competitive Magic: The Gathering player.

Charles “ChildRoland” Boody

Pittsfield, MA, USA

Charles “ChildRoland” Boody is currently ranked 12th on the ETS Worldwide ranking list. Charles blew up onto the Eternal scene with a 1st place finish in the first event that DWD had, earning him a card to spoil for set 2. He then won the ETS Season 4 Invitational, making him the third Team SPG member to be locked into Worlds. Charles is also one of the premier draft players in Eternal and regularly lands at the top placements of the Draft ladder. A player since closed beta, Charles brings with him over two decades of competitive TCG and CCG experience. He streams most weekdays from about 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM EDT on Twitch – mostly drafts.

Gabe “Calimdir”

Gabe, also known as Calimdir, is a top-level Eternal Player and caster for the ETS. Gabe is best known for his prowess in deckbuilding and innovating new strategies, often identifying ways to attack tournament metagames before they happen. He has earned several Top 8’s in both the ETS and the TCG eSports series. His favorite decks tend to be “three faction monstrosities”, such as Felnscar.

Alex “Bradykin” Shulman

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Alex “Bradykin” Shulman is a strong Eternal player who has played since closed beta. He is best known for both piloting and innovating control decks, such as Chalice. Alex broke onto the scene with a 5th place finish in the ETS Season 4 Invitational, the first invitational he attended. Outside of Eternal, he has played several other TCG’s and CCG’s, such as Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Gwent, and Scrolls. He is a self-proclaimed excellent listener.

 TJ “TheSkeeJay” Bonamico

Lansdale, PA, United States

TJ “TheSkeeJay” Bonamico is a top-level Eternal player and one of the strongest ladder players in the game. Joining Eternal shortly after open beta began, TJ has achieved a long list of accomplishments, including several ETS Weekly Top 8’s, 5th place in the Season 3 Invitational, and several months in the Top 20 on ranked ladder. TJ has also innovated several popular and powerful decks, including the infamous “3F+ Greed Pile” archetype. Outside of Eternal, TJ is a competitive Magic: The Gathering player, earning himself Top 8 in 6 PPTQ’s, several SCG IQ Top 8’s, and 96/500 in the SCG Season 3 Invitational in 2016. He also has several years of experience playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, his first card game, and Hearthstone. You can often catch him streaming on Twitch.

Brandon “Paradox” Vance

Portland, OR, USA

Brandon “Paradox” Vance is a competitive Eternal player known for his love of beatdown decks. Currently ranked 14th on the ETS Worldwide Ranking list, Brandon has established himself as one of the strongest tournament players in the game with a 5th place finish at the ETS Season 3 Invitational and six ETS Weekly Top 8’s, the third highest among all players. Brandon also created the winning deck used by teammate ChildRoland in the ETS Season 5 Invitational. Outside of Eternal, he has a long history of competitive gaming at top levels, including Super Smash Brothers: Melee, Poxnora, Pokemon, and League of Legends. He has a degree in Philosophy and is looking to become a Game Designer. You can find his twitch stream here.

Steven “smj1360” Jack

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Steven “smj1360” Jack is a competitive Eternal player. He has several ETS Top 8’s under his belt, including a 5th place finish at the Season 5 Invitational. Steven is happy to play a wide variety of archetypes and will often play whatever is considered the best deck at the time. Outside of Eternal, he plays Magic: The Gathering.

 Antoine “TonyGeeeee” G.

Québec, Canada

Antoine “TonyGeeeee” G. is a SPG player who hails from Québec, CA. He has established himself as one of the best and most infamous ladder players in the game, placing in the top 5 of the Ranked ladder every month since joining the game. In the ETS, Antoine has achieved four ETS Top 8’s, including a 1st place finish in the first ETS he played in. Antoine is known for his love of Armory and is one of the biggest innovators of the archetype. You can often find him streaming here.

Jesse “MasterPlan” Mulley

Alberta, Canada


Jesse “MasterPlan” Mulley is a competitive Eternal player and the newest member of Team SPG. He joined Eternal in August 2017 and quickly rose to Rank 1 on the ladder. Jesse has several decades playing TCG’s and CCG’s competitively, including several years of Hearthstone where achieved Legend rank every season. With only a few weeks of play under his belt, he made 1st place two weeks in a row in the TCG eSports tournament series. He streams 6 nights a week on Twitch and always looking for new and interesting decks. You can find his stream here.


Team Testers:

Nick “Tatavath” Pincus

New Mexico, USA

Nick “Tatavath” Pincus is a competitive Eternal player and a Team Tester for Team SPG. With two decades of TCG experience, Nick is a highly accomplished Eternal player who has finished in top 5 of ranked ladder twice. Outside of Eternal, Nick holds an impressive Magic: The Gathering resume with multiple Top 32 placings in the Starcity Games 5k series, favoring the Death and Taxes archetype. He is known for finding new techs and innovations that push decks to new levels.

Bobby “Jarboe” Jarboe

Maryland, US
Bobby “Jarboe” Jarboe is a top-level Eternal player and Team Tester for team SPG. Bobby has played Eternal since closed beta and Magic: The Gathering since 7th edition. Some of his Eternal accomplishments include being one of the main innovators of the Kalis and qualifying for the Season 2 Invitational.


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