Weekly Influence: Episode 3

Weekly Influence: Episode 3

Welcome to the Third episode of weekly influence!

Drolicheck is gone for the week so it’s just me and Alex this time.

Beware around 3:10 there is some interference I was unable to remove.

This is due to recording in an different place and I believe came from the Chromecast.

Thanks for your support! Check out my (mini) Deck Tech article also if you haven’t yet had a chance!

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One thought on “Weekly Influence: Episode 3

  1. Good point. Did you have a specific list we mentioned in mind? I’ll amend it when I get up.

    That is actually just something we didn’t think of to do yet. Part of the problem is we do interchangeably use specific decks “Burn Queen” that was popular last weekend and “Burn Queen” as a concept.

    Hopefully I will find a way to make better notes of which decks we talk about so I can post them though! Thanks for the suggestion.

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