Weekly Influence: Episode 7

Weekly Influence: Episode 7

Welcome to the Seventh episode of weekly influence!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Influence: Episode 7

  1. Greets, Seekers!

    In the episode, you all seemed higher on Vodakhan’s Staff in draft than I am. How much weight do you give to an Empower that only works at 8 mana? For me, that’s more than 20 cards into my 45-card deck, and not likely to come up in many games.

    Your draft discussion is one of my favorite parts of the show. I do think it would be good to shorten it by not exploring all the dark corners of the weaker cards. A quick comment like “too situational” or “not enough stats for this mana” is fine, then move on to the cards you might actually consider drafting.

    You mentioned that a wide variety of decks can be viable in ranked, and I think that is certainly true. Would you like to take a stab at why diversity seems to be punished so much more in a game like Hearthstone? I can throw together almost any kind of theme deck in Eternal and have even odds of a positive win rate in ranked gold and sliver. I haven’t tried to get to diamond. Does the meta dominate more at higher ranks?

    It would help me if you could raise the audio level of the show about 10%. I listen in an older car with a phone-to-FM broadcast gizmo. With the phone and radio both all the way up, I can’t really hear over the road noise at interstate speeds. So, alas, I can only listen to Weekly Influence on side roads. First world problems, you know.

    1. Hi Rainhall!

      One of the reasons I think (I imagine drolicheck thinks this also) Vodakhan’s Staff is so good in draft is that it’s empower is like giving a unit a permanent Finest Hour. Combrei as an archetype tends to favor board stalls, and this card wins board stalls (I think I mentioned in the podcast that it transforms a shitty unit into a good swinger that you want to swing with and take out at least one opponent unit with). Part of that is because it makes being a little flooded okay, as you swing your unit dies and then you empower the weapon to bring it back and play it for card advantage (also turning sigil draws into a good thing).

      Thanks for the feedback, we have been trying to cut down on the weaker card talk, but tend to get a bit into talking haha. We will do our best to work on this in the future.

      Definitely, for me I think the issue Hearthstone runs into is fairly inherent to the class system that it uses. Eternal circumvents this because you can do color pairings as you wish. If you want some face burn damage and flyers, pick up Fire and Primal (Skycrag) and iterate from there. I think the meta is more apparent at some parts of higher ranks, but it gets really weird. Since people cannot fall out of Master many just hit it and then play jank all day testing out new brews and trying to be meta-breaking. These decks don’t usually have too great of win-rates at first because they aren’t refined. I would say meta dominates mostly within Diamond and then in Master you can sometimes know exactly what you are playing against by who you are playing (you’ll pick up names quickly as you go).

      I will do that for the next broadcast let me know how it works for you.

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