Tier List

Tier List

So Team SPG thought they would take a crack at this whole Tier List thing! We’ve surveyed our team and come to these results. For the purposes of this Tier List we are using a 70/30 approach, where 70% of the tier rating will be based on how good the deck is, and the other 30% of the tier rating will be based on how popular the deck is. List ordering is considered, with decks that have a higher score within that tier at the top. Stock lists are included for most of the decks!

Tier 0

This tier is reserved for a clear best deck in the game. Oftentimes there will not be any tier 0 decks, and the game is probably better off for it. Any deck making it here would be clearly oppressive to the metagame.

None at this time.

Explanation: While there are some very good decks out there, none of them are currently oppressive enough to be considered Tier 0.

Tier 1

These decks will be some of the top decks in the game. They should be the decks you are either looking to play, or the decks you are teching your deck to beat if you’re looking to be competitive.

Explanation: With Burn Queen taking the Season 5 Invitational, its popularity has risen a ton. It plays games out quickly and will still pull a high win percentage. TJP Chalice is widely considered one of the most powerful decks in the game, but it is a rough deck to play on ladder due to the games being long. Elysian Midrange has been growing in popularity for the last couple of weeks and has been showing a good win percentage against many of the popular Tier 1 and 2 decks.

Tier 2

These decks are still completely playable, and depending on the expected meta could certainly turn into Tier 1 decks. Usually any deck from here would still not have a problem carrying someone to Master if they are playing well. These decks are usually being held back by either not being inherently powerful enough, or not currently hitting the meta just right.

Explanation: Praxis Midrange just barely falling short of Tier 1. It has been the deck to beat since Omens of the Past was released. As the weeks have gone by, its popularity has dropped and people tend to prepare their decks to beat it. The deck still pulls off a good win rate, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a resurgence as we move forward. The ever reliable Rakano Plate sits in a better spot than ever on ladder with us having an all time low number of Armory decks running around. Skycrag Aggro tails behind its other Aggro variants – while it keeps its popularity up, its power level isn’t quite on par in its current form with other Aggro decks. Argenport seems to be all over the place on what strategy is the best, and I don’t know that I can say we’ve found “the best” shell for Argenport yet. This seems to be a popular tier for powerful value based Midrange and Control decks currently.

Tier 3

These decks are ones that are falling short. If your main concern is winning games, then these decks probably aren’t going to be the best place for you to look. They suffer from being completely outclassed by Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks in power level. Even if their power level is comparable, they usually just happen to have such a terrible match-up with the most popular decks that you’re going to have a hard time winning games.

Explanation: Not seeing too many of these decks on ladder at this point. Traditional Armory is pushed out of Tier 2 after the most recent nerfs (Even though I think people are overreacting to them as people usually do to nerfs.) My personal favorite variant of the Praxis Deck – Dark Heart is down on its luck after the nerf on Copper Conduit, leaving people to question if the splash is really worthwhile now. This seems to be the place where Midrange decks land when they aren’t really making the cut anymore.

Tier 4

These decks just aren’t there. If you’re playing these it should be for fun, because it won’t get you many ladder ranks. These are either decks that are just lacking enough good cards to put in their archetype or maybe just hasn’t found a refined enough list that it can compete with the other decks.

Explanation: Here are decks you don’t see much of, and when you do see them you ask “What are you up to?”.  4F Greed Pile can win itself some games, though often tends to just get run over by any kind of aggro, which is not exactly where you want to be on ladder. Hooru Control and Praxis Tokens are both shells that could use a bit more love.

Meme Tier

We heard loud and clear that some of you had soft spots for some meme decks that we left out. We thought we would throw them up here so that new players could have a reference when they hear about some of these decks.

Explanation: These decks are built around a specific play or set of plays that aren’t super competitive, but are still fun to play nonetheless!

So where are we and where are we going?

We have a nice healthy metagame here, there is still plenty of room for innovation. Currently the only Control deck that is making huge waves is TJP Chalice, and while there is a sea of Aggro and Midrange decks, they tend to fight among themselves. Feln and Feln variants seem to be rising in popularity – will those be able to compete with these large efficient threats of the Midrange decks? Midrange decks seem to be moving into greedier and greedier builds leaving an opening for these Aggro decks to move in and clean up with improved win rates.


Thanks for joining me in my never-ending seek for power. Till next time!

– HiThar


Last Updated: September 12, 2017 | Added Meme Tier