Tier List

Tier List

SkeeJay’s Tier List | July 8th, 2018

Argenport has fallen! Welcome to the first SkeeJay Tier List of The Fall of Argenport! We are back after a short hiatus. With nearly 300 new cards added, the ranked meta was sure to shake up, and boy did it ever! With new all-stars such as Teacher of Humility and Rizahn, Greatbow Master to help out various strategies, we have seen the former de-facto best deck fall all the way to Tier 2 in this edition. Skycrag Aggro fell even further, landing at Tier 3 for the first time since it’s inception.

This week’s tier list can be best described as a “hot take.” The meta is still very fresh, things are constantly in flux, and the best versions of decks have not been found yet. This list is very much my opinion on where things sit, only a week and a half into the new expansion. I am positive that people will disagree with my placements on this list, but it’s how I see things as they are still unraveling.

This week, I will not be separating the list between the various ranks. It is just a rundown of all of the decks in every color combination and how I perceive their strength and position in the meta. I literally wrote down every faction pair and every 3-faction combination and then listed the decks that exist within them. I took that list and ranked the decks from 1-25 and separated the tiers where it made sense. No fancy math or anything, just a simply rating system.

As I did last time, each deck will link you to an EternalWarcry page that will provide examples of the deck. I won’t link you to a specific decklist, but I will search for decks that contain the key cards that make the deck work.

I’ve rambled long enough! For those of you who do not know what the different tiers mean, here’s a quick rundown:


Tier 0: NERF NOW! Tier 0 is where the very oppressive decks live. These decks make up an unhealthy part of the meta game and warp it in a very unhealthy way. Ideally, this tier is always blank but will be used if a problem arises.

Tier 1: The best of the best. The decks that make it to Tier 1 are the primary decks of the format. You will probably face them more than anything else, and they will have relatively high winrates.

Tier 1.5: The meta-calls. These decks are also powerful but have holes in their gameplans that weaken them in some way. On any given day, a Tier 1.5 deck can either be as good as a Tier 1 deck or as weak as a Tier 2 decks, depending on how the meta is shaping up. This tier serves as a buffer, making it so I don’t need to include up to 10 decks in a single tier, since most decks would be Tier 2 without this to separate them.

Tier 2: The contenders. Like their 1.5 counterparts, these decks can perform very well in the right conditions. Sometimes, these decks are very popular but don’t deserve their popularity because of a low winrate or being a bad deck. These decks are fine choices to play with, but they can often be inconsistent, weak, or face really bad matchups.

Tier 3: The risky-picks. Tier 3 is where potentially powerful decks are waiting in the wings for their chance to shine. Oftentimes, these decks can have a glass-cannon feel to them, where they do really powerful things sometimes and absolutely nothing other times. These decks are good options if you know the deck really well or if you know the metagame is going to be soft to it. They can reward you handsomely if used at the right time.

Tier 4: The “meh” decks. These decks are primarily played for fun, not because the pilot expects to win a particularly high amount of games. Whether they are a bad meta call or are simply bad, these decks do not reward the player very well and should generally be avoided.


Tier 0:


Tier 1:

Mono Time

FJS Midrange / Removal Pile

TJP Midrange

JPS Midrange / Control


Tier 1.5

Elysian Midrange


Praxis Midrange




Tier 2:

Argenport Midrange

Rakano Midrange

Praxis Tokens

Combrei Aggro

Charge Rod

Feln Control

Hooru Berserk



Tier 3:

Felnscar Scream

Hooru Midrange

Xenan Midrange

Feln Scream

Skycrag Aggro

Alessi Moment


Tier 4:

Icaria Blue

Stonescar Aggro / Midrange

FTP Moment

Feln Midrange / Unseen


Thanks for reading everybody! I enjoy creating these tier lists for you, but I am by no means an authority on the meta. This list is a reflection of my experience in the first week of the new set, and I expect some rapid fluctuations over the next two weeks, while I am preparing for the next one! Maybe one of those Tier 4 decks gets built in a way that catapults it to Tier 1, or maybe one of the Tier 1 decks gets figured out and relegated to a lower tier. It’s a very exciting time in Myria, as The Fall of Argenport has really shaken things up.


Thoughts or questions? Let me know in the comments of the Reddit thread, or ask me next time you see me streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/TheSkeeJay every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 pm EST. Until next time, keep brewing my friends.